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Test your numbers anytime, anywhere!




Test for connection success or failure, which could mean the difference between a delighted customer or a lost customer.



Caller ID

Accurate caller ID information is essential to the customer experience. Check CLI/ANI information is being transmitted across the full call path.



Post dial delay

Measure the delay between the start of the call and when it’s answered, accurately, highlighting any quality issues.


Touch tone

Check if DTMF (touch tones) are failing for your customers and seeing for yourself.


IVR functionality

Once your test call has connected, stay on the line to navigate through your IVR. With real-time communication and 2-way audio you can even stay on the line to talk to an agent.


Performance benchmarking

Set and achieve quality goals based on historical performance and on benchmarked indicators.




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Spearline gives us a very flexible dashboard with a user-friendly interface for managing our numbers and scheduling exactly when our tests get run.
Arnie Chencinski
Senior Voice Network Engineer, Zoom Video Communications
Spearline provides first rate audio quality testing tools that allow us to enhance our customers' experience. I cannot overstate the value of their solutions.
Rosie Scott
Director of Vendor Management EMEA, PGI
The platform has been exceptional in our ability to drive carrier improvements, customer fault investigations and alerting of any country issues.
Gregor Rennie
EMEA Carrier Account Manager, Intrado
Spearline gave us better visibility on the quality of our service, and allowed us to detect and solve issues much faster. It contributed to improving call quality and customer satisfaction.
Pierre Baptiste Bechu
Tech Co-Founder, Aircall

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