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  • Identify issues before your customers are impacted

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The test verifies that your fax numbers are operational, and confirms that the devices are connected and receiving faxes as they should be.



Any fax tones detected

If the call connects and a fax tone (frequency) is detected, standard signaling will be used to send a fax from the Spearline server to yours. 



Post dial delay (PDD)

When a test is successful, PDD is measured to check if there is an issue. PDD is calculated by the delay between the start of the call and when it’s answered.


Confirmation if a fax can be received

A Tiff file will be sent by Spearline to confirm if a fax can be received. The content of the fax can be tailored to suit the recipient if required.


Connection failure

If a connection failure is identified, an alert is sent with the necessary information needed to resolve the issue with your carrier.


Performance benchmarking

Set and achieve quality goals based on historical performance and on benchmarked indicators.




Fax Assure Product Video August 2020


Spearline gives us a very flexible dashboard with a user-friendly interface for managing our numbers and scheduling exactly when our tests get run.
Arnie Chencinski
Senior Voice Network Engineer, Zoom Video Communications
Spearline provides first rate audio quality testing tools that allow us to enhance our customers' experience. I cannot overstate the value of their solutions.
Rosie Scott
Director of Vendor Management EMEA, PGI
The platform has been exceptional in our ability to drive carrier improvements, customer fault investigations and alerting of any country issues.
Gregor Rennie
EMEA Carrier Account Manager, Intrado
Spearline gave us better visibility on the quality of our service, and allowed us to detect and solve issues much faster. It contributed to improving call quality and customer satisfaction.
Pierre Baptiste Bechu
Tech Co-Founder, Aircall

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